Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well that's just fabulous!

My first blog post that isn't all teaching - just a third of it! I've been toying with this idea for years, annoying my friends on Facebook with forever long posts about either my running, my cooking or my teaching for the last year, and of course, like any good wanna-be blogger, was inspired by Julie & Julia. So here I am.
I'm in love with three things - Running, Cooking & Teaching. Not necessarily in that order and on any given day that order may change!
I've been a "runner" since I graduated from college and began teaching - hmmm, link? But never really serious about it until I got back into the racing end of it in October 2010. I had done a few races for fun back in the late 90s. But now it is like an addiction! The Race for the Cure 2010 here in Jax was all it took. The people, the city, the fun and the adrenaline rush that I had completed a 5k race was amazing. I'm not fast - at all. I don't race, I run. I can see Alison shaking her head right now. Ok, ok, I'm getting faster. And maybe I keep trying to beat my times...
So with each race my times were getting better, but it didn't seem like I could really last longer that a 5k. I had never really run more that 5 miles and I had never run that distance at race speed. But I had been given a challenge. Alison, who is an amazing runner and super fast, said I should do the Gate River Run. I took the challenge. I completed the Gate last weekend. I finished stronger and happier than I had ever been in my life! So now I've challenged myself to the next distance - Half Marathon. I know I can do it!
Cooking - haven't had a lot of time for that with all the training I've been doing for the Gate, but I love cooking. People go out A LOT to eat but I would much rather stay in. Perfect date scenario: Cooking a meal together and enjoying it at home. I think most people I have cooked for would say I'm pretty good. I've never had any complaints. My parents would probably hire me as their personal chef if I had the time for that! My favorite thing to cook is Italian dishes but I also veer off into other cuisines occasionally. I guess Italian is easier and safer for most people. I would love to know more about Indian cooking but don't really have any guides to help in that arena other than a cookbook or two. If I could split myself into several different people, being a caterer or personal chef would be a fabulous career choice for me. I would have to own a winery too, on the side. Somewhere in Temecula, California. Oh, and the running I could do there... up and down the glorious hills, thru vineyards...
Back to reality - Teaching - Usually an absolute dream for me. I thought we, as teachers, were also pretty protected as far as job security goes. Have you seen the news lately? Well, we're not. I've been teaching for 15 years and hope to teach for at least 15 more! I would love to stay at my wonderful little school where everyone seems to know me. I would love to have the perfect classes of children like I have had for the last few years. I teach my kids for 2 years which is called "looping." I take them in for 4th grade and let them go at the end of 5th. It's an incredible experience but also a heartbreaking one. Sending "my kids" off to middle school and never really seeing them again is hard!
So those are the loves of my life - Teaching, Running & Cooking - see? New order! And now I can write about all of them in one place! And well, that's just fabulous!!

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I love how all these aspects of your life come together making!