Saturday, August 6, 2011

Magic Mile #1

Feeling pretty good after this morning's Magic Mile! My goal going into it was to beat my last "Magic Mile" that I had completed on my own 3 weeks back. I did it!! My MM last time was an 8:51. Today I got an 8:16! I went out WAY fast at about a 7 min/mile but definitely could not stay there! I was all over according to the readings on my watch. It was pretty bad! Apparently consistency in my running is not something I have when running at high speeds! Stop laughing! That was high speed for me!! :-)
One of my best running friends is super fast and I am the opposite - we should be known as the tortoise and the hare! But she likes to run fast shorter distances and I dream of running 26.2 miles at a lovely pace... Not all runners are alike! But I know she'll be my biggest cheerleader on February 12th when I run by her house! Can't wait for the cold blue Gatorade she'll have waiting on me! 28 weeks! 189 days - not that I'm counting!
Next week we get our official pace groups. I am much happier with my pace times for this MM. The 8:51 had me practically crawling in my long runs! (Magic Mile Calculator) Yuck! The walk breaks are hard enough to deal with now at short distances! I need a little speed! Ok, so maybe I'm more squirrel speed than tortoise...just not as fast as a rabbit!

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