Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marathon Training

Well, if I'm ever going to run Boston, I better at least get started training!
As of July 30, 2011, I started my official marathon training with Jeff Galloway for the 26.2 with Donna Breast Cancer Marathon. The "race" is here in Jax on February 12, 2012. I say "race" because that is the last thing I will be doing!! I love to run and to run long distance - but I do not to like to run fast! Being my first full marathon, my only goal will be to finish!!
I'm excited about this training program! I am doing it on my own so there is the potential to meet many new friends and contacts. I'm also excited because I "tested" Jeff's theory on the run-walk-run method. It really works! Now granted my test was only an eight mile run but still! I decided to walk for 1-2 minutes every time my Garmin beeped out a mile. I went out too fast initially (as usual), then stayed pretty consistent, with mile 5 being my longest split. From there it got really interesting! Each mile after I shaved 20 seconds or more off! I was getting faster at the END of my long run AND I was feeling great! Sold!
Looking forward to my first official "Magic Mile" this Saturday. I did one on my own a couple weeks back so I am curious to compare.
See you on the roads!!

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