Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Half Marathon Recovery, Savannah Style!

I would be extremely remiss if I did not write a post about the way we "recovered" from our 13.1 mile run on that early and cold morning of November 5th, 2011. Truly, there is only one way to spend the day after such a long run. We burned over 1200 calories after all. Thanks to the Lady & Sons, we were able to add them all back in!
    After basking in the morning sun in Forsyth Park, listening to the fabulous tunes of Carolina Liar, it was time to find food! Real food - beyond the bananas and bagels at the finish line! We could think of only one place we wanted to go - Paula Deen's! Could we possibly get in? Wouldn't all the other 23,000+ runners be thinking the same exact thing? Well, we had to try!!
    We hit the Starbucks for some caffeine in the form of a warm beverage and then we were set. We typed into our phones and pulled up the maps, asking only once which way to head out of the park. Forsyth Park is rather large and we were somewhere in the middle! We began our walk toward the restaurant. When we arrived I had to stop and take a picture! I couldn't believe I was there! EVERYONE has been to Paula Deen's except me!
    We went up to the hostess stand and inquired about getting in - 2:15 PM, they said. What?!? Do you mean to tell me that in a little over two hours we would be seated inside, ready to eat? Woo-hoo!!! We were thrilled! Maybe we were the only runners in town with this great idea!
    So Amanda, Gina & I headed down to the riverfront to kill some time. We figured we would not have time to walk back to the park, catch a shuttle to the car, drive to the hotel, clean-up and then drive back to the restaurant, park and get in! What was a few more hours in our smelly race clothes? No one would notice...
    On the river, there was an outdoor market set up where we shopped and talked. We wandered all down the river and then back up the other side. Suddenly, it was time to head back to the restaurant. We were positively famished at this point. We let them know we had arrived and then wandered all around the store attached to the restaurant. So many cute things! We got our picture with "Paula."

Finally, it was time to be seated. As we walked past the buffet, the drooling began! I hadn't seen this much homemade Southern cookin' possibly ever!

And then they brought the bread - bread is such a lowly word for the decadence they placed in front of us! A hoecake, which I had had before and even made before and a cheese & garlic biscuit creation that I am absolutely positive is served in Heaven! Warm and wonderful, I enjoyed every bite. I would have been content if that was all there was, but alas, there was more delectable goodies to enjoy! Off to the buffet!!
Round One!
SWEET tea, of course!

    My first course consisted of fried chicken, collards, black eyed peas & rice and green beans. I ate every bit! Amanda and Gina started with salads - whatever! I needed to refuel my body! I went back for round two - more fried chicken, more collards and this time, something new, mac n' cheese. I'd have to say the best part was the collards and fried chicken! I guess I'm what you would call a true Southern gal!

    We would have been banned from the restaurant I'm sure if we did not order some of Paula's gooey butter cake for dessert. This was Amanda's favorite part! We also got some peach cobbler for good measure! To say we were stuffed is an understatement! But we were stuffed and fabulously happy!!!
    Thank you Lady & Sons for the best recovery meal EVER!!

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