Monday, February 27, 2012

Memories of 26.2 - the bridge

The roads I ran on my first marathon are the roads of home. It is not unusual for me to drive those areas and often. But I haven't been on the roads since the race - until today, two weeks later. As I drove up and over the bridge that were miles 23-26, the memories came flooding back. And the tears trickled.
I was beaten by that race. It got me. I didn't run it the way I wanted. I didn't finish strong. I didn't beat it. It beat me.
If you know me, you know I am incredibly competitive. I don't like to lose.
As I drove the roads tonight all I could think of was I will be back.
I will beat this one. It will not win. It was a good feeling - that feeling of revenge. Of desire to win.
I have to wait awhile, but I will be back and I will finish strong.
Butler Boulevard - Watch out! Next time we meet, you will be MINE!!

Only photo I took
26.2 with Donna photo

Rachel Leitao photo First Coast News

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