Monday, February 13, 2012

Ready to run the Donna

As I sit here the Friday before my big debut I am filled with anticipation, excitement, and nervousness. I have waited for this day for one whole year. After volunteering last year at the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, I knew I had to run it. And here I am one year later - 36 hours out - less than - from start time. Amazing what can happen in a year. I went to an informational meeting in April signed up in May and began training at the end of July. Through summer's heat, beautiful fall days, and cold winter mornings, I trained. I've done all the training runs all the way up to 26 miles. I know I can do it. I'm ready. I picked up my race bib today immediately following school. I couldn't wait to get to the expo. I had to be the happiest person there. Surrounded by pink, ready to run, and finding friends among all the faces. Seeing Dennis, my amazing group leader for these past 6 1/2 months, was uplifting, making me feel even more confident that I am ready. Reconnecting with Brandy at the Running Skirts booth while I picked up some cold weather gear for the race was fun. Looking at my sunglasses, my pink Oakley's that I want so badly but now am about to earn. It was a rough, busy day at school. I tried to eat. I tried to hydrate. But it was difficult. I carbo-loaded my dinner and now I lay me down to sleep. Kristin Armstrong's Mile Markers beside me on my bedside table ready for one more glance at all the wonderful things running can bring. I'm ready to run Donna.

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