Saturday, May 19, 2012

Expedition Everest Challenge Part Two: The Clues

     Okay, so if you're looking to do the Expedition Everest Challenge next year you're going to need some help with the clues or at least you need to have a heads up on what kind of clues you're dealing with! When I first signed up for this race, I thought that all of the clues would be Disney related. That makes sense, right? I mean it's a Disney race! Thankfully, I looked for other people's blogs on their past Expedition Everest Challenge experiences. I soon noticed that none of the clues had anything to do with Disney! This helped me to get my brain wrapped around exactly what we were going to be facing on the scavenger hunt. I still wasn't real clear about the kind of clues, I just knew they had nothing to do with Disney!
     So here's an example of the first clue they mailed to us via email as a sample of what to expect during the actual race.
      I thought that I figured out what they wanted us to do to solve it. I tried my theory, but had no idea what the word was! I've only been rockclimbing once! ;-) So if you take the colors and match the letters in the color words with the number above each, you should be able to spell out what the answer is.
*All the answers will be listed down at the bottom of this post, so if you want to cheat right now go ahead and look. But for those of you who really want to try and figure this out, keep reading!!!
     When race weekend finally arrived, our next chance at a sample clue was given at the entrance to "base camp" during packet pickup.

     So as I told you in my last post about the entire event, after you run the 5K and complete the obstacles throughout the race, you get handed your first clue along with a Sharpie pen and flashlight (which comes in handy solving these in the dark!). So here's our first clue:
      All of the clues are centered around a person named Gary who supposedly has disappeared and we're trying to help find him. Or something like that! Anyway, the first clue happens outside Animal Kingdom park and you have to find the Cast Member standing under the sign that is marked with the word that comes after your location. So in the case of clue #1, "Oasis" is apparently the location outside of Animal Kingdom park before you get to the entrance gates. "Palms" is what we had to look for on the sign. There under that sign, was a Cast Member who would check our answer and hand us our next clue. I had possession of this card for maybe two minutes, gave up and handed it to Josh, who pretty quickly figured it out.
     Here's clue #2, which we had to run back into the park for, turn left into Camp Minnie Mickey and find the sign marked "Donald Duck." If you're not familiar with the Animal Kingdom park, you might want to study a map before you do this race!
      Clue #2 I actually was able to figure out! It's kind of easy. Pay very close attention to the directions above the scattered letters...
     Clue #3:
      As we left the most treacherous part of the scavenger hunt - getting out of Camp Minnie Mickey and running upstream again - we headed deeper into the park towards the Africa section. Clue #3 was definitely the toughest one yet! Each clue has a word or set of words that gives you a hint as to how to solve it. In this case the word is "period." So pay attention to what comes after each period ~ That's important!
     Clue #4:
     The next clue took us deep into Asia. This time it was a little harder to find the sign we needed. We kept running and running, but eventually we got there. I knew when I saw this clue card that the most important word in this sentence was "afraid" but not the scared afraid. Take away the "a" and then you have the word frayed. Get it?
     Once we solved this one, we received our final clue. We were way back in Asia, headed towards Mount Everest. She was absolutely beautiful in the moonlight. That was also the night of the "Super Moon" so it was pretty intense how big the moon looked.
     We tried desperately to solve this final clue. We kept tossing around ideas, talking back and forth. We literally stopped dead in our tracks to try and think this one through. We weren't getting very far at all. I figured that it had something to do with the number five because it was the fifth adventure. That made sense. But I didn't know how to use the five at all. We kept looking at our previous clues because it told us to. We used the first letter from every clue. Nope, that didn't work.
     We got all the way up to where they were checking our clues to head to the finish line and told them we didn't know what the answer was. I think one of the Cast Members felt sorry for us because she kept trying to help us out by giving us little tiny clues without telling us the real answer. Finally, we got it but not in the way we were supposed to! You're going to think I'm crazy but two weeks later, writing this post, I finally figured out exactly what it was telling us to do. This was a tricky clue but now it seems so simple. I guess all that brainpower we used solving the first four clues, not to mention all the running we had just done, really fried our brains!
     For most of these clues, there was something to do with hiking, trails, rockclimbing - outdoorsie type things. The email sample clue hint is rockclimbing - use the colors & numbers. For the sample clue at base camp, use the H2O - and then find a word with one H and two Os! Clue #1, use the letters on the compass like the numbers on a clock. Clue #2, start with the first letter and criss cross your way thru all of them to get the solution. Clue #3, after the sentence that says "what comes after the period" take the first letter of each word after each period to spell out the answer. Clue #4, use only the letters of the ropes that are NOT frayed to spell out the clue. And the final one - well, I was right about the five. In the clue it talks about hooking together - a number and a letter that look the same and can be used as a hook - S & 5!! Ok so that got me nowhere until today when I studied it AGAIN! Duh! Take the fifth letter from each of the first four clues and BOOM! Answer!

Answers: belay, behooves, clear, communicate, advance, impasse, runs


  1. haha they are hard if you don't know what to expect! i lucked out because when i had no clue, my teammate instantly knew, and vice versa. Thanks for the posts!

  2. Thank you for all the great info! I'm running this race for the first time this May (2014) and this really let me know what to expect.

    I am trying to get a group of runners to meet up the night before the race. I set up a post here -> if anyone is interested!