Saturday, May 26, 2012

My First Day - "Group Leader"

To say that I was nervous about "my first day" trying to be a group leader would be an understatement! I really wasn't sure what to expect or what to do! Nothing felt very official. I had talked to the right people and emailed the right people but I hadn't signed up on a list or put pen to paper for anything. That made me feel like I was still not "real." But I was there, nice and early, and I was ready! It was a very smoky morning downtown but still a beautiful sight!

That would be smoke not fog clouding the buildings!
As everyone began showing up, I chatted with familiar faces and smiled at the new ones. One of the girls I ran with last season, Rachel, had just gotten back from running a marathon in China! It was fun to listen to her stories about running the Great Wall and climbing "steps" that were all different shapes and sizes! Certainly not a marathon for speed! And the Dennis showed up! He was my group leader last year and is who I hope to be group leadering with this season. I definitely felt more at ease knowing he was there - I'd just follow his lead and act like I knew what I was doing there!!!
The first day of "Getting Started for Beginners" in our local Jacksonville Galloway group was just as free flowing as my fist day with the marathon training group last summer! There are no set groups yet. The idea was to introduce the program and move for 15 minutes. We could all do that!! We broke into a few groups based on walking only, 20/40 run/walk (yes, which when some poor newbie chose me to ask a question of I called "20 minutes running and..." Of course I was promptly corrected! I didn't mean to!) and a 1/1 run/walk group. (That would be 20 seconds running, 40 seconds walking & one minute running, one minute walking.)
As I planned, I stayed with Dennis, which wasn't very hard since about half the people were in his group. I planted myself somewhere in the middle and we were off. We ran around the track at the YMCA. One minute running, one minute walking at a nice, slow pace. I chatted with those around me about the Diva races and the Disney races. We ran around and around and around...

I laughed out loud when I saw my "route" from my Garmin on the computer screen! It was even funnier to hit "play" and watch the little red marker go around and around...
It was a good run. We finished off and everyone drifted to wherever they were off to for the day. I decided to go for a longer run!
It was too pretty outside and the smoke seemed to have lessened, so I decided I might as well get in a few miles. I wanted to do a 10 mile training run this weekend but we have this silly tropical storm Beryl out there churning in the Atlantic! I thought hurricane season started June 1st?! Someone obviously has not told Beryl! So off I went for a little run. I love running in the Riverside/Avondale area because of all of the huge shade trees and beautiful neighborhoods. Even though it was 7:40am I knew with the shady route I would be ok in the heat department. I ran out towards one of my favorite places for brunch, Biscotti's in Avondale, which happened to be about three miles from the YMCA and then turned around. So I got in six miles - seven if you count the mile around the track. Not bad! We really do need the rain if this storm does hit. It would certainly help with all of the wildfires and resulting nasty smoke!
My month has been a good one. Getting back to my training. I'm nowhere near where I need to be but I will get there! So glad to be back with my Saturday running groups! There is nothing like a bunch of other people waiting on you - and now, soon, needing me to lead them - to bring back the motivation to be strong and be better! It's funny how my "season" is starting when the hottest months are also starting here in Florida. But again, that group thing - even when it's hot, we get out there and accomplish things, together!

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