Monday, May 28, 2012

Small Races

Big races can be a lot of fun! The atmosphere, the people, the music, the food! But make sure you run some small races. Races that are just starting out or just don't have a lot of attendance  - maybe only fifty to a hundred, max 200 people. A few weeks ago I was able to run one of these small races. One of our local beaches elementary schools has an annual "5K for Play" to raise money for their school. They also happen to be the health and fitness magnet school in our area. Hey, I need to work there! This is the first year that I had heard about the 5K and I decided to go ahead and run it. There were probably about 150 entrants total and not all of them ran the 5K as there was also a 2.5K fun run.

 It was hot and windy and all on the beach but it was a lot of fun. 

One of the great things about running a small race is there's not much competition and for slow people like me that helps a lot!! I actually placed third in my age group even though I finished 44th out of 97!!!
LOVE my handmade sanddollar medal!!!
 My boyfriend faired a lot better than me. In fact, he did AWESOME! He placed 4th overall AND 1st in his age group!!! Which means he also won homemade bread! Yum!!
Go Josh!!!
It was a really fun, family style race. I think I may have been the only stranger there! I highly recommend keeping your eyes and ears open for little races like this. Don't discount them! We still got race swag, a shirt and those of us who "placed" even got medals!! And the ego-boost of placing "high" can't be beat!
Yea Us!!!

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