Monday, June 18, 2012


Sticking to my Summer goals, I decided to run Bayshore the other day in the opposite direction that I normally go. I ran past the Academy of Holy Names where my mother went to school. I ran past one of my favorite restaurants, the Colonnade. I ran for about a mile and a half in that direction, south, and as I'm nearing my turnaround spot I very obnoxiously trip! It was a quite dramatic fall and I wish I had a video of it to show in slow motion. Picture this: I fell down towards the sidewalk, was somehow redirected to the right towards the grass and then snatched back up to standing. I'd like to think that was my angels!! My angels kept me from completely hitting the ground! The man that was walking towards me as all of this happened looked about as shocked as I was that I was still standing and NOT flat on my face! I thanked my angels out loud for that one!
As I'm running back to the starting point of the day's run, I trip again! This time I'm near the seawall and grab a hold of it. Again, never managing to actually hit anything or fall or even scrape myself! I was just flying through the air for fun I guess! Thank you, angels, for not letting me hit the ground! It could've been very messy!! I have a race in Boston next weekend - a skinned knee - or worse - would not have been good at all!
A collage of scenes on my run!

Have your angels ever saved you from a messy fall while running?

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