Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to Boston

This morning I leave for my annual trip to Boston. It has now become a summer habit! And I will have to return every summer, thanks to last year's inaugural BAA 10k. I plan to be a streaker in this race! For however long it lasts and for as long as I can run it - I will be there.
BAA 10k 2011
So this will be my second running of the Boston 10k. This year I'm taking along my boyfriend. He's never been to Boston! I have been going to Boston for four summers in a row now. My first trip was a "business" trip and from then on, I was hooked! Each year I discover more fabulous things in and around the city. I love the history of it all! I have walked the Freedom Trail and driven to Lexington & Concord to tour that area.

I have visited Gloucester and had a beer at the Crow's Nest, the bar from The Perfect Storm.

I've been to games in Fenway for the last two years - both of them were losing games. I hope to see a win this year!!
Fenway Frank & a Sam Adams - the perfect baseball combo!

It's just a fun, wonderful place! No matter what "type" you are, you can find something in Boston! History, sports, culture, FOOD!!

And if you are the running type, like me, Boston is the Mecca for us!
1 Ash Street, Hopkinton, Mass
I drove the entire route of the Boston Marathon last year. It took me 5 1/2 hours - which ironically is how long it took me to finish my first ever marathon this February, The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. It was amazing to go thru all of the towns I'd seen and heard about. To see the landmarks of the race and walk up Heartbreak Hill was just a dream come true for this baby marathoner!
I hope to return one day to run not only the BAA 10k, but all of the other races the BAA puts on. I would love to do the medley one year of the 5k before the Marathon, the 10k in the summer and the Half in October. And then one day, somehow, return to run in the actual Boston Marathon.
To break my time from last year - 1:04:12 - on the 10k this year would be great! I am so looking forward to running thru my favorite city once more! And this time with my boyfriend by my side! I've been training and trying to stay strong! I got in some "hills" the other night - better known as bridges here in Florida! I think I'm ready!
Bridges before Boston

The rainbow has got to mean good luck, right?!?

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