Saturday, June 23, 2012

Publix Greenwise Market

Recently while visiting my grandma in Tampa, Florida, I decided to check out the Publix Greenwise Market. The place is amazing! It has a parking garage! It has the escalators that take your basket up to your car. It was just like being back in San Diego! The store has an unbelievable selection like I've never seen at any store, including my Publix at home. I had so much fun wandering up-and-down every aisle and checking out each and every thing that they had! Some of the items were regular Publix merchandise that I can find at my store, but a lot of it was specifically organic or gluten-free. There was a whole aisle of gluten-free items! This would be heaven for some of my gluten-free Tweeps!

View from the escalator up to the parking garage!
 It had a huge wine selection and the bakery and deli were absolutely beautiful. Everything smelled so wonderful. There were at least five things I wanted to get right then from the deli area. They had a really cool serve yourself lunch bar area with just all kinds of yummy looking food. You could get yourself a little (or big) healthy lunch and sit down on the cute little porch area outside to eat.

The wine section - I couldn't fit in the whole thing in the pic! It's so big!!!
The beautiful bakery section - so many treats!
This is not your typical Publix! I sure hope we get one in Jacksonville soon. That would be dreamy! I spoke to one of the Publix employees who told me that they are now opening hybrid markets, which is part Greenwise Market attached to a regular Publix store. They're opening one in Kissimmee next and then there will probably be one soon near Jacksonville. Yeah!!

My haul from the Market - things I can't find at ANY store in Jacksonville!

And of course I had to take a pic of the parking garage & cart return! So cute!


  1. That is so cool!!! omg I want to visit lol They really need to bring that over here :D :D I always go into Publix hoping they'll carry some of those products. Delusional right?

  2. Marcia, check your Vitamin aisle for Larabars. That is where I find them in my Gainesville FL store (Larabars, Clif, Powerbars, etc - there's an entire section just for them!)

    I'd LOVE to have that store here in town, though! How nice for Tampa folks.