Monday, July 2, 2012

Freedom Trail Run: the Runner's Way to See Boston

     Since I've fallen in love with running, the theme for my life has been that I want to see the world through my feet. I did that on my trip to Boston this June. Through Twitter, I discovered the Freedom Trail Run (@FreedomTrailRun) put on by Eddie O! When I saw the tweet about the run, I immediately went to the website to check it out. The website is very informative, tells you exactly what to expect, and makes it very easy to order your reservation for the run. If you decide you're interested in doing this, you're definitely going to need to make sure you plan ahead. The runs fill up fast!! With each run you get a fun guided tour of Boston, lots of history, fun facts, a cool t-shirt and a ferry boat ride at the end. Oh and a nice little 3 mile run!
     We started our morning run at the corner of Park and Tremont, right outside the T station in Boston Common. Each one of us signed in and then we waited until everyone arrived.
Signing in with Eddie O
     Eddie then proceeded to tell us what to expect on our run that day. It was a damp morning but it wasn't pouring down rain AND it was much cooler than it had been the previous few days in Boston. We had been experiencing 90° plus heat. Not your typical Boston Summer weather! So this was a nice break from all that heat and humidity.
Explaining about the Freedom Trail Run
     We took off towards the Massachusetts Statehouse. He told us a little bit of history about the Statehouse and then proceeded to tell us a very interesting story about the governor's last day in office each time a new governor is elected...

     Then we headed toward the Granary Burying Ground where we saw some very old graves including the graves of three very famous Patriots from the American Revolution. He told us lots of interesting little facts about the graves and the crypts located in the graveyard.
Granary Burying Ground
     Then we ran to Kings Chapel burying ground where he told us a little bit about a couple of the graves there and also about the actual Chapel. The interesting facts that he told us made me want to come back and check it out again! I've been there on previous trips to Boston and self-toured the church myself, however this time we decided we were going to do the guided tour of the crypts underneath the church and the belltower above. Thanks Eddie for such a great tip!
At King's Chapel
     We went to a lot of the other historical places on the Freedom Trail. There are 16 to be exact! Most of them I had seen before on my own, however he did point out a few that I had never noticed including the actual spot where Ben Franklin was born and lived in his early years in Boston.

     We also went to the little alleyway where the very first Bostonians received their water for over 200 years known as the Great Spring. This is also the site of the very first Bostonian steel frame skyscraper built in 1893. We visited sites like Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, and the Old South Meeting House in downtown Boston.

     We then headed into the North End (my favorite part of town!) to see many of the sites that involved Paul Revere and his part in the American Revolution.
Paul Revere's house & statue in the North End of Boston
     We learned a very interesting fact about a certain window in the Old North Church... 
Look very closely at the top picture - left hand side - see the window??
     We then proceeded to Copp's Hill Burying Ground where we could see the steeple of the old North Church. You know the famous saying "One if by land, two if by sea"? This is where the lanterns hung! At Copp's we also learned about the British soldiers were using the gravestones for target practice.
See the bullet holes?
     Across the street we were shown the skinniest house in Boston! Then we were off again for the longest part of our run.

     We ran across the bridge into Charlestown and towards the Bunker Hill Memorial and the USS Constitution.
Running UP hill towards the Bunker Hill Memorial

"Old Ironsides"
      This was our last stop on the run. We headed into a local convenience store in Charlestown to get drinks provided by the run. This was definitely a very nice aspect of the run. All runners could choose whichever beverage they wanted whether it be a sports drink, coconut water, or regular water! Very impressive and generous!
A quick pic of us outside the store
     After that it was time to head back to Boston, so we gathered at the ferry landing where Eddie passed out our Freedom Trail Run t-shirts.

     The ferry ride back to Boston was a lovely relaxing ride. The sun had finally come out and a beautiful breeze was blowing.

     It was also an excellent opportunity to get some beautiful shots of downtown Boston as we approached. Have I mentioned I love this city?!?
Beautiful downtown Boston from the water
     If you are a runner, or even if you're just starting out running, or maybe you just walk, this is definitely the way to see Boston! The pace is very easy with lots of breaks because we stop at all of these historic spots! Eddie gives a great tour with lots of good information and fun little tidbits. Then you can decide which sites you would like to go back and see again, spend more time at or go inside and tour. I HIGHLY recommend the Freedom Trail Run for your next trip to Boston - or for you locals, something fun & different to do on the weekend in your own city!!!

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  1. I wish I had known you were in Boston. I have wanted to do this run. Thanks for the post with pics!