Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm a Princess!!!

     Okay, so maybe not yet. Maybe I have to wait until I actually run the Disney Princess Half Marathon before I can claim I'm a real princess. But either way I am registered for my very first Disney Princess Half on February 24, 2013. And I can't wait!!! Today was the first day of registration. My biggest anxiety prior to noon (or the ever present 12 o'clock in princess world) was what princess I was going to pick! I wasn't sure what the choices would be. I figured there'd be Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle and that's it. You know, the top three. I was in for a surprise and more anxiety over who to choose once I finally got to the registration site!
     So 12 o'clock noon I try to get on my computer to register AND my computer doesn't want to work right! It's a laptop with Windows Vista. I can't stand the thing! I've rebuilt the hard drive twice and it's only a few years old! One day, in my dreamworld, I'll have a Mac computer.  But I digress... So I restarted the computer and by 12:10 I was finally getting to the runDisney site. I got halfway through registration and saw the list of princesses! It was ALL of them!!! Now what was I gonna do?!? My plan was that I was going to dress up like Merida because I look the most like her. It's an easy costume for me to pull off with my big, curly hair. But I haven't seen the movie Brave yet so I'm not so sure if I'm totally in love with her like I am with the character Rapunzel from Tangled. I absolutely adore her and her fabulous personality; her sense of adventure, along with the trepidation that can occasionally come to us adventurers! I would love to be Rapunzel but I don't have blonde straight hair and coloring my hair blonde would be a crazy idea that would probably not go over very well!! I would not look good as a blonde! I certainly have plenty of pink to pull off the outfit though. So the problem: I have the hair to be Merida and the pink to be Rapunzel? Who do I choose? I chose Rapunzel. For her spirit. And the color pink! But I might end up dressing like Merida because it'll just be easier. I do need a sparkly teal outfit though! And a sheath of arrows and a wrist thingy and...
     By the time I finally made that choice, my computer froze! Really?!? I was so worried that with this being the fifth year anniversary it would sell out fast. Eventually, after about 10 more minutes, it unfroze. I was finally able to complete my registration for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!! I also decided to go ahead and register for the Princess Race Retreat before and after the race. I mean, if I'm going to be a princess, I want to be treated like one the whole time I'm there! I hope it's worth it! Now if only I could get a room in the castle...
     I'm super excited about this race! The best part is there are going to be so many of my Twitter friends running too!! It's going to be one big, huge Princess Party!!!
     Are you running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2013? Anyone else do the race retreat??


  1. so glad you are running this!
    Let me know if you want a discounted room quote!

  2. Way to go! :) My friend just registered for the race too, it sounds super exciting.

    I found your sweet blog through BlogHer — are you going to the conference? :D