Monday, July 9, 2012

My own version of Yasso 800s

     So I was tweeting with Bart Yasso this morning as he was talking about going out to do his own Yasso 800 work out. I asked him how I could do the Yasso 800s on the treadmill. He told me that on the treadmill I should do a half-mile with a quarter-mile recovery and do the half-mile in four minutes. Four minutes? So, um, that would be an eight minute mile? I've never run an eight minute mile!!! The fastest mile I've ever run is an 8:09. And that was LAST August!! So I freaked out first and then I decided to do what I normally do and just do it my way!
     I headed to the gym, got on the treadmill and did a half mile warm-up. I then proceeded to up my speed until it reached a 10 minute mile which was 6.0 mph on the treadmill I was using. I ran this pace for the first half-mile like Bart said. And then I did a quarter-mile recovery at 5.0 mph or 12 minute miles. I was feeling pretty good and thinking, "Well, I need to get faster, so let's try to go higher with my next half-mile." So this time I pushed it up to 6.6 mph which came out to a 9:05 minute mile. It was kind of tough but it felt like a good strong pace that I could keep. I did my quarter-mile recovery and then dropped down to the 6.0 mph pace again. By the time I got to my fourth half-mile speed lap I was back up to the nine minute mile pace and feeling pretty good and strong. I finished with a 5.0 mph recovery quarter-mile and then a cool down for a full half-mile.
     It might not have been the perfect Yasso 800 workout, but it was the perfect workout for me! I didn't get injured. I didn't overdo it. I felt strong in the end. That is the whole point right?
     So the next time I do speed work (which will be Wednesday), I will up the ante a little bit and start with the 6.6 mph, nine minute mile pace and work up to maybe an 8 1/2 minute mile pace. We'll see how it feels from there. I have a Magic Mile in two weeks. I'd like to be at least able to hold the 8:09 time I got last year, if not get better. It's harder for me to "go fast" on the treadmill. Maybe it's all the numbers. But I think I've got a good plan now and if I stay consistent...I believe I'll do it!
     Thanks, Bart!

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  1. Great job! I've never done Yasso 800. Might have to give it a try...