Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Foodies Dream Come True!

Have you ever been to III Forks? I had never been there before and I had always wanted to try it out. I was able to a few weeks ago. Lucky me, I was allowed to go to a food blogger event hosted by III Forks. I kind of just fell into it and boy, was I glad I did!

I met my friend Lynda there from Hit the Road Jane and we went in. We were immediately taken on a very informative tour of the entire restaurant. This place is beautiful! The perfect place for a special occasion and definitely perfect for a romantic date. It is a very large restaurant that's very well laid out into various different rooms and areas. When you walk in the door, the first thing you see is this amazing hallway of wine.

Three Forks includes three different rooms for private dining. You could have a special family dinner or celebration. You could host a business dinner or a large meeting. They have a beautiful outdoor patio for when the weather is nice. The bar area is really pretty with dark wood. It's a really gorgeous restaurant!

Outdoor patio with fountains & fire pits

One of the private rooms behind the bar
Now, let's get down to the really important part ~ the food! This was an event to relaunch the III Forks Bar Bites menu.

And of course being that they are bar bites they come with bar drinks! The Sommelier spent his evening with us! I couldn't have been more thrilled! We started the evening with champagne! Then we moved on to the first course which was blue cheese taro chips and wedge salad wraps. I'm typically not a blue cheese fan but this went absolutely beautiful together! Taro root, gold and red beet chips sprinkled with blue cheese and served with a Chardonnay from California that made it a flawless pairing!

The second course included ahi tuna and my favorite, duck & waffle! I'm not a fan of ahi tuna either but this was perfect! It was wonderful! I really enjoyed it and I would totally order it again. The duck and waffle was my absolute favorite though! It was a fabulous slice of duck on a little baby waffle with cherries, crème fraîche, and pistachios. It was to die for! This course was paired with a silky Pinot Noir from California.

Our third course included some red meat. The Prime Burger, French dip sandwich, and the III Forks sliders were all tasty additions to go with our fabulous glass of a nice California Cabernet. These would be perfect for lunch!
 Our fourth course, yes, fourth course, was an artisanal cheese plate which included locally produced cheeses! Who knew we had cheesemakers in the south?!? And a steak tartare, which again I am not typically a fan of very rare meats, but this I enjoyed as well! It's amazing what a fabulous chef can do with a menu item you wouldn't normally order! Coming to an event like this helps me to keep my eyes open and realize that maybe I really do like certain foods. I just didn't eat them at the right place.

Our fifth and final course was dessert! Oh. My. Goodness. A trio of dreamy little desserts ~ crème brûlée, chocolate ganache cake, and oh yes, their magical, fabulous, wonderful bread pudding. How many times did I get schooled on this evening? I would have never ordered bread pudding before tonight! This bread pudding is amazing! And along with it was served a Banfi "Rosa Regale" Brachetto d'Acqui, a perfectly lovely wine to have with dessert!
It was truly a wonderful night and they sent us home with our own bottles of Prosecco and a gift card to come back oh and I will be back! Three Forks may just be one of my favorite restaurant in Jacksonville or anywhere!
Thank you so much to three Forks and Stacy for having us this evening it was fabulous!!!
Hit the Road Jane & Travel, Run, Eat

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