Monday, September 10, 2012

I needed a ReBoot!

Sometimes my life doesn't go as flowingly perfect as I'd like it to.
My week to reboot...

     Sometimes you just have one of those weeks – where everything seems to happen at once and they’re NOT positives!  I had one of those weeks last week! I knew I was going to have to get my act together and get back on track – FAST!
     I knew this tough week was coming, so in anticipation I had sent a request to Rebootizer for a sample of their product. Test it against anticipated life stresses and see how it does. They agreed and I started my REBOOT along with the new month on September 1st. The regime is for 6 days. I had my last Rebootizer drink on Thursday night. Six day detox via Rebootizer complete. The results?
     I’d have to say it definitely did something! I stayed consistent with ALL of my early morning (4:30 am) workouts. I felt progressively stronger and more awake each morning, ready to start my day. It was not as hard to get up each day – shocker!! I would have to say that is my biggest challenge, getting up every morning so early – even when I’m in bed by 8pm! But during this Rebootizer week it was easier. I wished that the energy lasted ALL day long because by the time I get home from work in the afternoon, I’m tired!
     The drink is really easy to use and store. It would be great to travel with as well. Compact and lightweight, everything you need in one pouch. Just squeeze and shake!The powdered antioxidants are separated from the purified water. So when you squeeze the pouch the seal breaks and the two can mix! It was very cool!
     I think I am definitely hooked and am looking forward to using these again in the future!
     Thanks Rebootizer for sharing with me! Maybe I'll be able to get a sample set to give away or a discount code! I'll keep you posted!

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