Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Downtown Bridges (Picture Heavy Post!!)

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? I spent mine doing a lot of cooking for my parents. Mom's still at the rehab center for her knees and dad needs to be taken care of! But I also made sure to get in one of my favorite runs Monday morning since I didn't have to be at work. I headed downtown before the sun came up. I was ready to do 5 miles on my bridges.
Okay so they're not really my bridges but that's what I call them. This is definitely one of my favorite places to run in the city of Jacksonville and running the bridges at sunrise makes the city look even more beautiful!
I call this the "Brain" statue...
I always start from the same spot - creature of habit or maybe it's just really super convenient! I usually run the same route. Sometimes I change it up and go backwards but usually the same, comfortable route.
I get in a mile and a quarter approximately before I hit the worst part of the run. I don't know why I don't like this particular section. It's certainly a smaller incline than the two bridges that I will run later on, but for some reason I just don't like it! It's this rolling hill ramp that goes up steadily until it reaches its top point and then it goes down in a square corkscrew kind of way. It's a bit frustrating going up or down either way. I just don't like it!! (Can you tell how I feel about this?!?)
Rolly hilly rampy thingy

And down the square corkscrew!
Then it's down the Riverwalk headed towards the Jacksonville Landing in between the two bridges that I will eventually run across - the Acosta and the Main Street bridges.
The Acosta Bridge
The Main Street Bridge
You never know what you'll find when running past the Landing. Today there was a lot of leftover trash (party last night?) and a lot of boats docked!
One of my favorite spots to run by on the riverfront is the River Runner statue. This past year they finally added a female runner. I have an issue with the fact that she is behind instead of beside him, but it does make for a pretty picture. I really wanted to do a self-portrait with the female runner, but there were too many people around! :-)

Just a little ways down from the statues is our Jacksonville Fire Memorial. We had a REALLY BIG fire back in 1901. You can read all about it here --> The Great Fire
Just a little bit of history for ya!

So then it's down as far as I can go on the Riverwalk and time to turn around! But wait! Just a few more landmarks to point out!
My place of employment - well, where the big guys are anyway...
Our humble stadium...Go Jags!!!
The Hart Bridge - Gate River Run's "Green Monster"
 Heading back towards the Main Street and then it's up and over!
The Blue Bridge! (All our bridges have colors!)
I wasn't the only runner out on this beautiful day!
On the other side of the Main Street Bridge we have another Riverwalk. This one is older and more dilapidated but I like it. The wood can be treacherous to run on but it provides something more interesting than concrete or asphalt!

Also on this side is Friendship Fountain. She was gorgeous in the sunrise this morning and she is just as beautiful all lit up at night. Sometimes they play music and the water dances!

Through the concrete jungle of insurance company buildings and around the corner to the Acosta. I wish I could find out what the incline grade on this bridge is compared to others I run. I know that it is the longest bridge that I run on a regualr basis at eight-tenths of a mile. We don't have hills in Florida, except for a few in Tallahassee, so this is all the hill training I can get!
Heading up the Acosta...
The view from the top is pretty amazing - both at sunrise and at night!
I-95/Fuller-Warren Bridge over the St. John's River
Fidelity, Blue Cross, just to name a few...
The little brown building in the middle is where I started!
 As I descend the other side of the Acosta I hit five miles and am almost back to where I started. I walk the rest of the way for a cool down.
Five Mile Photo shoot DONE!
The sun is up, the rest of the world is moving about and this day has started!

Hope you enjoyed your "running tour" of the Jax bridges! If you're ever in town, you really should take them for a spin!


  1. I love this and can't wait to run the bridges after work! Thanks so much!

    1. Yay! Enjoy! It's excellent strength training for your legs! And your mind!!! :-) See you at the Gate!!

  2. I ran almost the same route yesterday after a one night stay on the riverfront. Thanks for labeling all the cool structures I ran by or over : )