Monday, September 3, 2012

My Foodie Penpal for August!

My Foodie Penpal for August sent me a fabulous collection of all kinds of different foods. I love that the selection was items that I could use for dinner and things that I could snack on. My Foodie Penpal is from upstate New York and writes at the blog Noelle's Notebook.
Here's what she sent me:

The first thing I dived into was the pasta. I am a pasta girl! And I love fusilli! This one was a beet fusilli. It was still made with wheat flour but it also included beets from Vermont!

I made it with my favorite pasta sauce over a couple nights and it was a great dinner!
Beet Fusilli with Sweet Pepper sauce & leftover blueberry-nectarine crisp! Yum!!!

I also received some Smoked Montréal Pepper seasoning, which I plan to put on a steak real soon. Also a beautiful bottle of salad dressing from the Adirondacks!

It was a ginger flavored Asian concoction that I served my family one night for dinner. My mom and dad loved it!

I also got a bag of black rice which I am dying to try. I have a fabulous recipe from Giada De Laurentiis to test using black rice and this will be perfect.(Black Forbidden Rice with Peaches & Snap Peas)
The last two items were great little snacks. Some Baked Lentil Chips which I've never seen before! They're gluten-free and low-fat and taste great. My dad tried to steal them from me - he really liked them!

And last but certainly not least, a Kind Fruit & Nut Bar! Almond and coconut - my favorite! How did she know?!? I loved this delivery from my Foodie Penpal. Thanks, Noelle!

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