Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Running with runDisney

     Most of you that are reading this blog are familiar with runDisney. Running events held at the west coast and east coast locations of Disney are quickly becoming a favorite habit and an ultimate dream! I have run two events here on the east coast – Wine & Dine Half 2011 and Expedition Everest 2012 – and I am definitely dreaming of running the west coast events, Disney Land Half & Tinkerbell Half!
     But have you ever dreamed of just going out for a run WITH the runDisney folks? You know, to pick their brains about the ins and outs of their amazing creation or maybe if you’re very lucky, get the scoop on something new? Well, Erin over at For the Love of Disney Running,  had this dream and she shared it with me. I immediately took to the dream because I would love to be a part of runDisney. To work in a place that is all about running AND all about Disney?!?  That would be the ultimate dream come true! Now those of you that have had the privilege of participating in a runDisney meet-up at one of the races, well, you have already somewhat lived this dream. I haven’t been a part of a meet-up…Yet!
Our meeting spot at the pool, Port Orleans French Quarter
      So we asked, and asked and finally they answered! YES! They would meet us for a run! So at 6am on a Tuesday morning in July, we met up with Bob Hitchcock from runDisney by the pool at Port Orleans French Quarter. Bob is the Public Relations Manager/Content Producer for runDisney. And a really nice guy! Especially considering he met with us to run and chat so early in the morning! It was nice to have the personalized attention, instead of fighting the crowd for it!
Bob & Erin
      We had the running route (always ask the consierge! They should be able to provide you with a map.), so we were ready to go! The route is basically an out and back between the two resorts. You could make it longer by running out to the parking area but we kept it along the Sassagoula riverfront! 
Scenes from the run on the Port Orleans Riverside side

WAY ahead of me! Wait!!!
      I was the photog for the event, so I let Erin & Bob lead. Not to mention they were running pretty fast! Not my usual pace for an easy run and definitely no Galloway walk breaks on this run! 
I love the Old South feel of this resort!

Perfect path for running...
      We ran two miles and walked back to the pool area chatting, asked a Cast Member to take our pics and then Bob had to go. He did have to get to work at runDisney after all!
A rather shaky picture of Erin, Bob & me
     I considered this my speed work for the week!
And this was MY pace - not theirs!
      It was fun and really awesome to make that connection! I made sure he knew I had NEVER been to a pre-race meet-up before too! Hoping my name will stand out when the emails start pouring in for the next one! :-)
Port Orleans French Quarter
      Sadly, we were unable to glean any new leads on anything in the world of runDisney, but it was still one of the best runs ever!
     Who would you like to run with from the Disney family?


  1. Sounds fun! I love Bob, he is such a nice guy! I love running around the port orleans area, so pretty.

  2. It was really cool to meet him! Port Orleans is my favorite resort! Love the Old South feel!

  3. Hey so i hear you are also doing the RW event! I wanted to reach out to you about something but can't find your email! can you shoot me a message at amandacbrooks at yahoo

  4. Oh wow that is awesome!! Lucky girls!! I love RunDisney :) They definitely hold a special place in my heart since the Princess was my 1st half. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks at the Runner's World event!!