Saturday, January 5, 2013

Testing, Testing

     The mind is a powerful thing. I decided a few days ago that I was going to meet my Galloway group for their run this morning. I was going to walk the distance or go as far as I could. They had 11 miles on the training schedule for today. I had completed 4 miles at a very fast pace (only walking) on New Year's Day. I was pretty sore afterwards. But I'm pretty sure it was just from muscles that hadn't been used that way in a while. The pain eventually subsided and I was fine. But I was still a little worried about going that far today. I haven't run at all for 3 1/2 weeks. I haven't tested my shin and the pain has pretty much gone away. But I was still afraid that the first time I ran it would start to hurt again. But somewhere also in my brain, I believed that I was healed. I just had to keep pushing that thought to the front of my mind.
The video, the taping...
     I purchased some KT Tape on recommendations of several of my runner friends (and as some insurance for me!). I taped myself last night in preparation for today's walk. Hoping that it would help with any pain before, during, or after. It was my first time taping myself and it was pretty interesting! Thank goodness for the videos and also the amazing customer service through their Twitter account! I tweeted with them a few times last night after I had completed my taping and felt rest assured that I had done it correctly.
Ready to go this morning! Doesn't it look nice with my shoes?!?
     When I woke up this morning there were little twinges of pain in all areas of my body. Don't you love how the mind can play with you! Because I know that's exactly what it was! I headed to my group run at 7am. I was very excited to see everyone again and they seemed pretty excited to see me too! I expected to be walking alone and trying to keep up with some group, but lucky for me one of my friends showed up to walk with me! We were the last "group" to head out. She walked the first 2 miles with me and then let me go on my way. It was nice to have her company! My pace was pretty regular for the first couple miles with my friend. We did pass a few groups though! And then when I started off on my own with my music playing, I was really cruising! For those of you involved in the Disney Marathon weekend here's a question for you. I put my playlist that I have set up for the marathon next weekend on shuffle and guess what the first song was that came on?? The song that we'll have at the start line next Sunday for the marathon - "Go the Distance" from the Hercules movie! I took that as a good sign!!
     So, I have a pretty competitive spirit! Okay that's an understatement! I have a very competitive spirit!! As I was walking today, I would see groups ahead of me doing their run/walk routine and all I wanted to do was pass them! Now mind you, I'm still walking but at a really good pace - about 13 minutes a mile! I caught up to several groups and eventually switched to the other side of the road because there were just too many people in my way! :-)
Saw this on Facebook today - I thought it fit the day!
     The entire first half of the walk - 5.72 miles - the only time I ran was a couple times across the street. It felt really good! But I stayed with my walk and kept up my fast pace. I also never saw my group! I don't know where they were and then as I started back I still couldn't find them. I was starting to think they got lost! It was strange! As I came to about mile seven, I decided to do a little bit of a test run. I was feeling pretty good. I decided to run from light pole to light pole. That seemed to be a good way to set up a certain distance for myself. It wasn't very far at all! But it was further than just running across the street. I did it and it felt good and it didn't hurt! I went back to walking and then I found another light pole and decided to run from that light pole to the next light pole! This distance was a little further. It felt good still. But my lungs and heart were definitely experiencing some extra work that they hadn't done in a while!!! I continued in this manner and passed another large group of run/walkers.
Looks like an EKG, but this was my timing on my walk according to my Garmin - you can see where I ran!
     Right before mile nine, as I was running another distance, I suddenly saw my group across the street!!! I kept running further and further to catch up! I snuck up behind them and said "I caught y'all!" They looked very surprised when they turned around! I started walking at that point and they continued with their run/walk. When they ran, I couldn't catch them but when they slowed down to their walk it was very easy to catch them. In fact I even passed them! Now, my group is "Group 5" and remember I went off last after about 11 groups or so. Pretty significant that I caught them, I think! They went off for a potty stop and I kept going, again throwing in a few more runs before I made it back to "The Donna" headquarters.
My splits - Definitely picked up the pace!
     For the entire walk/run of 11.25 miles I kept an average pace of 12:56. Not bad! And I got the distance in! That was even more important to me - to get the distance today! But the best part of the whole thing was me pushing myself a little further and testing myself with the run. They were never very long, not even a quarter of a mile, but they still felt good and gave me hope. And hope is everything!!!
Post run - Tape is still on, leg feels good AND I have coffee!
     On Monday, I will try again with the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. That will be a true test of whether or not I can run a distance. I truly hope that I can make it all the way up to a mile and if I can do that perhaps get past that mile! I haven't done that in over a month! It will be a huge accomplishment to run pain-free. I now have faith that it really could happen. And, that in one week, I will be able to run/walk the Walt Disney World Marathon with my fabulous friends!


  1. Congrats on getting that distance in! That's an impressive pace for doing what sounds like a good bit of walking. Can't wait to hear about your alter-g experience!

    1. Thanks, Meghan! I've always been a fast walker! Lots of friends always say "You walk too fast!" :-) It sure is a good thing now! I'll let you know how the Alter-G goes! Crossing my fingers!

  2. This makes me so so so happy! I am so excited for you it isn't even funny!!!!

    1. Thanks, Kat! It's support from friends like you that keep me going and keep me smiling! <3