Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 is EPIC so far...

     I can't believe that we are halfway into February! What a wonderful year this year has been already! I was so excited about this new year 2013! I had a rough 2012 by my standards and was in need of a fresh start. I learned so many lessons in 2012. I plan on using those lessons to not make the same mistakes twice and truly make 2013 EPIC!
     Athletically, I've learned to keep my chin up, to keep going and to not slack off! Rest is good and needed but not days and weeks of rest! That's just lazy for me! It's hard to stay consistent and get up early and plan ahead. But it is necessary to success! I realized in 2012 when my marathon did not go very well, that I needed to take cross training seriously! When I am consistent with my yoga, Pilates and strength workouts, my running improves. I feel strong. I feel confident. I will not allow my cross training to slack off anymore! I have learned that it is way too important and essential to my athletic goals and dreams! Plus I just feel better!
     Along with staying consistent with my cross training, I have paid more attention to my nutrition. Thankfully, I have developed over the years an incredible will power over unhealthy foods. I just don't buy the stuff! Even if it's on the table at work, I can walk on by without even a second thought. It can be done. You have to decide what you want more. I decided a long time ago I wanted a strong, healthy and slim body! I work hard for that and say no to a lot of things! But don't get me wrong, this girl can eat! I believe in moderation. I plan for times like trips to Disney and Super Bowl weekends!
Marathon Weekend eats at Disney! So yummy!
     I try to eat as healthy as possible every other moment! And my healthy stuff is good! At least I think so! But I enjoy cooking and enjoy all types of foods! I don't say no to veggies! I try to eat fresh as much as possible. I don't buy a lot of things in boxes, cans or bags. I try to stick to the perimeter of the store like I have read in so many articles! It's true! That's where the good stuff is! I always use fresh veggies & fruit - never the canned stuff! When you start to look at the ingredient lists on some of these foods we buy, it can get pretty scary! And the sodium content on items can be really astounding! I'm a control freak - I want to control what goes into my body! That's how I stay healthy! So many people were sick after this year's marathon weekend down at Disney. Flu season is in full swing. I'm as healthy as a horse! And I believe it is because of the level of fresh fruits and vegetables I eat on a daily basis!
A healthy snack - fresh berries & Greek yogurt
Lunch at work - peppers, hummus, avocado on a whole wheat wrap with cottage cheese

Recently, I have been working with a local nutritionist, Marni Sumbol, and she has helped me fine tune my eating. I never liked the idea of food journals and never thought I would ever write down what I ate. However, in order for her to help me, that's exactly what I had to do! She suggested a few tweaks to my daily diet, rearranged the snacks I usually ate to give me optimum fueling and helped me make dinner a wiser meal! I have had so much trouble with dinner! I tend to eat way too much. Too much pasta. Too much protein. Not enough veggies! I love the veggies that I make so increasing my intake of that was easy! I needed to cut back on the protein & carbs. I thought I would be hungry but I wasn't!
A healthy, portion controlled dinner
     Personally, I learned from 2012 to stop settling! I'm not going to compromise any longer for what I really want in my life! Whether it be a relationship or a career move, I have to find what makes me happy. Call me picky, but I'd rather be alone than unhappy. Family and true friends are the best. We meet people through so many various avenues these days! It is so exciting to find a friend who really gets you that you would have otherwise never met if it were not for the social media crazy world we live in today!
My friends - all were met through Twitter! All are fabulous friends!
      Dreams are already unfolding for me in ways I never imagined! And there is so much more to come! I'm going after what I really want. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want anymore. I just do it! It's amazing the results I've had recently! This summer, at a blogger's conference I heard Lou Mongello, from the WDW Radio Show, speak. He said that you have to treat what you want "like a job." I'm working on that. Having a "real" job makes it hard some days, but I have a goal and I will get there. Little breaks keep happening and, as Joel Osteen said in a recent sermon, a shift is coming. I can feel it!

Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die
Life is a broken winged bird
that cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams go
Life is a barren field
frozen with snow.
                                                                                   Dreams by Langston Hughes

     I'm so thankful for these lessons learned and for the blessings I have had already this year! I am really looking forward to what's to come because it is truly going to be EPIC!

     How are you learning from last year and making this year better??


  1. I started my running journey June'12 so there's a lot I have been learning as a beginner. I'm working on my training, I am no where near where I'd like to be but I have to remember I only started 8mo ago. I am still figuring out time management since me running doesn't ever seem to take priority.

    I do LOVE your optimistic attitude, it's not always easy to be "so thankful for these lessons" and you do with such grace!

    1. Thanks Jill! And YOU my friend, are a MARATHONER! I was there to witness it! You are amazing! And getting stronger every day! Love ya!!!

  2. I injured myself last year right before the Princess 1/2! I made it through the race thanks to my doctor, but afterwards, I was pretty bummed. Because I couldn't run, I found other things that I enjoyed doing, and now that I am back up and running, I have learned that cross training is KEY!! I too, find that I run stronger and feel better when I am doing yoga, and focusing just as much on my cross training as I do on my running! I have been back up running for 4 months, and have been pain-free!!

    Glad I found your blog!!

    1. Thanks Kristine! And welcome!!! Stay healthy and keep up with that cross training! Maybe I'll see you at another Disney race in the future!

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