Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exceeding My Goal!

     When I set my lofty goal to raise $1000 again this past year for The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, I had my doubts. My first year, 2011-2012, I only made it to $600. Yea, that's a lot, but I didn't hit my goal! The work that 26.2 with Donna does is amazing! I wanted to meet my goal because I knew that all of the money I raised would go directly to breast cancer research and care! Not a lot of charities can say that! I think it is absolutely incredible and I want to do whatever I can to help!
     So I set my goal. Nothing happened until February right before the race. A few donations started to trickle in. I really started hitting social media - Twitter, Facebook - hard! I had about $200 raised by the time I laced up my shoes to run the half marathon for The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. It was a long way from the $1000 I wanted to raise but I kept asking and tweeting. I had until the end of March to meet my goal...

     I kept running. I kept tweeting. I ran two more half marathons and a 15k before the end of March. By March 20th, a little more than a month after the donations started to come in, I hit my goal! By March 31st, I exceeded my goal! I couldn't believe it! I had raised $1133 for the 26.2 with Donna! The last few days of fundraising I had even moved into placing in the top five fundraisers on my Galloway team! I made it all the way to #2 when out of nowhere someone got a large donation and I fell to my final placement at third. What a rush!

     Needless to say I will be upping the ante for this year's campaign! The campaign has already begun, but I am trying to give everyone a break before I start asking for money again! But this leads me directly to the amazing thing that occurred during my fundraising this past year... Only 14% of my donors were longtime friends and family! You read that right - 14%! Incredible! THIS is the power of social media! That means 86% of the donations I received, some of which were very large, came from people I hardly knew or, get this, didn't know at all! Yes! I had complete strangers donate to my fundraising efforts for the 26.2 with Donna! Here are the stats:

14% of donations from long time friends & family

62% of donations from friends I have met at least 
once, but maybe only once, in ONLY the last 6 months

24% of donations from people I have never met

     All of these donations were mainly driven by my tweets and came from my Twitter followers & friends. So I could technically start asking now (click the donate now button on the right over there -->) because my reach now is far beyond the 34 people who donated this past year!
     Social media has amazing power to do good! This is just one tiny example. But imagine what we could do to make the world a happier, healthier place! How are YOU using social media?