Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Uncertain Summer

     As the new season nears, I am thankful for the change, the newness, the hope of things to come. I have been absent too long from my writing. Absent too long from my sharing of stories of races, meals & friends. I look forward to reconnecting to my blogging world in the weeks to come. I feel so much has happened since May! Some good, some not so good and some really tough challenges have been a part of my new story.
     A few weeks before my summer break began, life entered a very uncertain phase. My job position was cut & I was suddenly a free agent grasping at ideas of where to go next. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital and she remained there for a full month, undergoing many tests and procedures. My family's life - my mom, dad & me - was suddenly very interupted! Traveling South, my family and I spent much of the next two months taking shifts to care for my grandmother and her home. After a month in the hospital, we had to get her back on her feet and moving around again. She is 89. Things were not easy for any of us but when it comes to family, you do what you need to to care for them! As I spent time in South Florida, I used whatever free time I could to send out resumes and schedule interviews. Whenever I could be home I would pop in for an interview here & there. I was offered jobs and then would lose them to budget cuts. It was a very unsettling time but also a time that presented many learning opportunities. 
     By August, I had a new job and grandma was doing well enough to be on her own for a bit. Change is never easy but I welcome it and try to adapt. The dream is still not a reality, but I am reaching toward it every day. In moments of sadness or frustration I took the advice of my friend Lee who suggested I find something to focus on that is happy. Fortunately for me, I was still able to take the two racecations I had planned for my summer - my annual pilgrimage to Boston for the BAA 10k and my bucket list race trip to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race! Race, food & travel recaps will be coming in the following weeks! Also during this time, I was blessed by my best friend in a way I could have never imagined. She called me from Germany to tell me that she was paying for my ticket to Paris so we can celebrate our 40th birthdays just like we had planned. All I have to do is by my ticket home... which I have not done yet! (Enter sequel to Under the Tuscan Sun here...)
     Fall will soon be here! It is my favorite time of year and I intend to get fully lost in it! Football, food, and fall smells! I love it all! My marathon training is really ramping up as I head toward Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October. My Social Media Butterfly duties for 26.2 with Donna go into full speed ahead the first weekend of October! Oh, and among all of the craziness this summer, I also started formal speed work sessions! (Even though I still think speed kills, I would like to get a little faster! #competitive)
     Then there's the best news of all to end this post on and begin my new story with: Athleta! Jacksonville is the lucky recipient of a brand new Athleta store and I am blessed to be one of the chosen few to be working there! To say that I am excited about this opportunity is a major understatement! I love my team, my management and I am over-the-moon excited to get into the new store to get it ready for all of our new customers, many of which will be my friends! I see this as one more door to opportunities leading to the achievement of my dreams and goals!

     So, from an uncertain Summer to an exciting Fall I go!

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