Monday, September 16, 2013

Turtle vs Hare: Joy vs Defeat

     I've come to a realization lately that maybe I'll just always be a turtle. I always tell people who claim they are slower than me that speed is relative. I can hear them laughing now at the first line of this post. I have myself laughed at friends who complain that their 8:46 pace on their 6 mile run was sluggish - Haha! Really?!? I wish I could hold that pace for more than 1/2 a mile!
     Over the last nine months or so of racing & running I have found that the times I enjoyed the most were when I just ran - not for time, but just to feel the run as my idol, Kara Goucher, would say. When I ran the Sarasota Half this past March, my goal was to PR. It was a new-to-me race, in a city that I had been to many times but had never run through before. I should have enjoyed the moment. I should have taken in the sights and enjoyed running with my friends, so many of which were there. But instead, I tried to beat my 2:09 half time and ended up not enjoying the race and finishing in 2:12 - getting passed at the end by a friend! Ouch! That race has haunted me all year! So when I ran the Peachtree Road Race in July, I ran just to run it. It was a HUGE bucket list race for me, so just being there was amazing. I took in the sights, the crowds & the holy water sprinklings, felt great during & after the race & did not PR. But I had a GREAT RACE!

     When I think about what is best for me, I look back at my past and learn from those times. Experiences like Marathon weekend at Walt Disney World where we barely finished in under SEVEN HOURS! But we had the time of our lives!
Marathon Weekend 2013
     Or Princess Half Marathon where I ran and played all by myself and finished in a tad over THREE hours!
Princess Half 2013
     But then there was that Gate River Run in March where the third time was the charm and I PRed using consistent Galloway run/walk/run intervals AFTER working the expo all the previous day...
Gate River Run 2013
     I really wanted to PR the Boston 10k this year! I did everything right and skipped late night concerts AND drinking - but my "time" was the worst yet! But running with my friends Linzie & Adam made the time much more special. NOTE: I will NOT be skipping Buffett the night before in 2014! I had a much better "time" in 2012 after attending! ;-)
Boston's B.A.A. 10k
     Running with friends, running in new places, running to just experience the act of running - That is why I run. I really don't do it for the medals or the t-shirts. They are a nice side item and I used to be all about that. But running to me is so much more now. I really love running. If you don't love it, I'm not really sure what the point is! I even look forward to and love my speed work sessions I now attend every week! It's the atmosphere, the others who are like me, the challenge of what lies ahead and the beauty of the world that make me want to run it!


  1. Such a great and inspiring post, and a great reminder that running races doesn't always have to be about the time it takes you to finish but rather the experience that you enjoy along the way. That's my plan for my first half marathon in January. Why should I focus on a specific time when I'll be running in Disney World?!?!?

    1. EXACTLY! Disney is for fun - not speed! Enjoy! My first was runDisney too! Perfect!

  2. ARG. I tried to comment on my phone and it was lost. Boooo
    Anyway, I love this post. It's SO true! I'm even slower than you, but I totally have the personal pressure to try and run as fast as others and also to PR at every race.
    Sometimes it's hard to be married to a roadrunner and to "only" have a 2:24 half marathon PR. But I achieved my 5K and half marathon PRs last March on back-to-back days when I wasn't in the best shape, and I was NOT trying to PR either time. I didn't even look at my Garmin. I just ran. And they were the loveliest races EVER!
    I'll admit that many times, I trudge through my running, but I absolutely love it when I am able to "feel the run." It's such a feeling of strength and accomplishment!

    1. Angela, thank you! Isn't it wonderful to not feel alone! We shall keep running & enjoying, whatever the pace may be! Feel that run! xoxo

  3. I really love this post! You are amazing!
    It is always great to see your face out there and I believe racing and running is supposed to be fun! Always, we love to go for the PR.. It shows we have improved but if we don't stop to smell the roses we forget what it means to us.

    1. Genna, you make me smile! Thanks! Love seeing you out there too! You're going to ROCK New York! And no matter what, enjoy it! One day I'll get there too and you can give me tips! :-) Love ya!

  4. I love this post. The best reasons for running are the ones you define for yourself. I'm a turtle, too. I work hard and train hard, but part of my running and racing experiences include the ambiance and the atmosphere, not just the lacing up and putting one foot in front of the other. As long as you're enjoying yourself, that's what matters.