Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

     I have been waiting for this month to get here! I am so excited that it is finally October! I have such big plans for October! This month, I kick off my fundraising for the 2014 Donna marathon and finally begin official travel as Donna's Social Media Butterfly!
Donna Deegan & me earlier this year at The Players 5k with Donna
     I cannot wait to get started on this year's fundraising campaign! I have tried to give everyone a break since my last campaign finished up in March. I was so successful last year that I am upping the ante this year! I have made a new goal! And if I thought last year's goal was lofty, this one is SUPER lofty! Ready to find out? Okay – here goes… I want to raise $2000 this year! I know I can do it! With the amazing support from the social media community plus the support of my friends and family, I believe my goal will be reached! The most important message to get out to the people who are thinking of donating is this: 100% of all funds raised goes to breast cancer research here at the Mayo Clinic and to care for those dealing with breast cancer. 100%! This money will not fund my race, my travel, or anything like that! What other charity race can say that??
Representing #runDonna at The Great Candy Run September 28, 2013
     In addition to this years lofty goal for fundraising, I also have a new idea! I'm borrowing this idea from one of my customers I met while working at Athleta. She's running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco through Team in Training and decided to add ribbons to her tutu for every certain dollar amount that was donated by her friends and family. I think it's a wonderful idea! And I'm going to do the same! So for every $50 you donate I will add a ribbon to my tutu that I will run in on February 23, 2014! The ribbon will be a white or light pink. For every $100 donation from my friends, family, and social media peeps, I will add a hot pink ribbon. That'll be a lot of ribbons on my tutu! Which, by the way, I've never run in a tutu! Also on each ribbon I will add either the name of the person who donated or you can have me add a name in honor of or in memory of. Remember, you don't have to have been directly touched by breast cancer to help finish this disease! I chose this philanthropy in college, never having known anyone who had breast cancer. I just felt a calling. And now, here I am many, many years later doing whatever I can to help finish this!
Me & my buddy, Jeff Galloway at the Peachtree Road Race Expo this summer
     As many of you know, part of my work in helping to finish breast cancer is to be a part of 26.2 with Donna. This month begins my official travel as Donna's Social Media Butterfly! And I couldn't be more excited! Each weekend in October I will be in a different race location representing #runDonna at race expo's and also being a part of many of the races as a runner. Stay tuned to my blog for recaps of the races and don't forget to follow 26.2 with Donna on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the #SocialMediaButterfly!! 
My first #SocialMediaButterfly expo, Jacksonville's Gate River Run, March 2013