Saturday, February 1, 2014

The ABCs of Fundraising for Donna!

Updated: 2/11/14   
 Today for our training run for Donna we ran the first few miles of the course. We started right near the start line, ran through where the corrals will be, the parking lot, the UPS bag check area... It was SO exciting and inspiring! It's February 1st! We are 22 days from race day! I feel like I could just pop I am so excited!
Scenes from our run! 2/1/14
     There is so much going on this year and I am so much closer and more involved with #runDonna than ever before thanks to my volunteer position as their Social Media Butterfly! I have a TON of friends coming down/up for the race and staying with ME - major slumber party! I just can't wait!
     But I do feel a twinge of sadness and worry when I look at my fundraising page... My first year with Donna I raised a little over $600. Last year with the help of the amazing social media community, I raised over $1000 and exceeded my goal! This year I upped my goal, sure that everyone I knew and that followed me would come through! I pushed my goal to $2000! A crazy amount! I am sure that I can do it! But when I look at my 3 little donations that equal $42, I get a little worried about my crazy goal.
     So let me tell you about the money I'm raising. 100% goes to breast cancer research and care. Not one penny of the money you donate will go to race fees, lodging, shirts, medals, etc. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!! Who can say that? Not many if any! 70% goes to breast cancer specific research at Mayo Clinic. We are close. We can FINISH this disease! 30% goes to the Donna Foundation, taking care of the critical needs of women and men with breast cancer! This is an amazing cause and one my heart beats for every day! Nothing. Nothing makes me happier than the work I do for Donna.
     So, in an effort to amp things up around here in Fundraiser-ville, I knew I had to cook up a scheme! An idea that would be so much fun, people would want to do it! WANT to donate! So, inspired by my wonderful & brilliant runner friend (and fellow Donna Ambassador), Krissy Murphy, I came up with my own little tour of the country - maybe world! I am a teacher for my day job and what says teacher more than the ABCs? Well, maybe an apple but I digress...
     This year we are going to fundraise across the ABCs! Your city, your friends city, can be on MY ABCs of Cities List! Let's get started! Below you will find my list. Can you add to a letter? I think we might have some challenging ones to cover but I bet we can do it! And remember, any dollar amount helps! $3 for my third year with Donna. $5 cause it's nice and even (or odd!) plus it's also my time goal this year (5 hours)! $7 for our seventh year of Donna Marathons. $10 because that really is an even number! $13.10 for getting me to the halfway point of the race. $26.20 for my full marathon distance I will be running on February 23rd. Or maybe $31 or $50 for that crazy distance I did last weekend - yes, I ran a 50k or 31 miles, just because I wanted to see if I could do it! I can! :-) Of course if you feel extra generous and just want to donate LOTS more than any of these numbers, feel free and know that your money is going to an amazing cause! ALL of it!
     Here we go! To start us off, my first three donors get the first three letters! Thank you Erica, Angie & Jen! Love & hugs to you all!

A - Atlanta, GA - Jen
B - Boston Strong TJ / Baltimore, MD - Kat
C - Chinchilla, PA - Kristin
D -
E -
F -
G - Gaithersburg, MD - Lauren
H -
I -
J -
K -
L -
M -
N - Neptune Beach, FL - Alison / NYC - Katie
O - Orange Park, FL - Angie
P -
Q -
R - Running For Robyn - Danyse
S - St. Augustine, FL - Misha
T -
U -
V -
W - West Hollywood, CA - Erica
X -
Y -
Z -

     Time to add your city or town to my list! Let's get these donations rolling in! Feel free to get creative - Use you birth city if your current city letter is already taken! Or any other excuse you can think of to fill this list! I'm a little worried about U - Z but we shall see!
Thank you!Just click HERE!