Monday, September 8, 2014


I had an epiphany Thursday afternoon on my flight to Atlanta. I've always loved that word. Learned it sometime around my freshman year of college I believe, at Georgia Southern. Epiphany. It's melodic. Anyway, my epiphany came to me as I was deep into Dr. Jampolsky's Love is Letting Go of Fear... Page 84, "This book emphasizes that a shift in perception can reverse our way of thinking; it helps when you put the cart in front of the horse. I find that when personal guidance has established the goal (the cart), all I need to do is keep that goal firmly in my mind and the means (the horse) will take care of itself. Most of us expend so much energy in trying to find the means that we lose sight of the goal."
BOOM! There it was! What is my ONE TRUE GOAL? To work for 26.2 with Donna as their Social Media Specialist - for them to be able to afford to put me on staff. They have a staff of 4. FOUR. This would be a huge step. What does it take? For them to grow enough. For them to be busy enough. Popular enough. That they NEED me. That they have to have me on staff full time to keep up with the demand!
How does that happen? Well, that's been my goal from the start. I distinctly remember telling Donna at an event in 2013 prior to race day that I wanted to help this race explode! I wanted it to grow so big that we HAD to cap it! It takes amazing social media focus. It takes an ambassador team that won't quit for anything and is willing to do the work and think of crazy ideas to get us the attention we need!
Here's the really wild thing - when this all happens, it doesn't just benefit me. It benefits oh so many! It brings attention to our cause and what we are doing to finish this disease through our research at Mayo Clinic. It helps women and men ALL over the world deal with this disease. It makes the hearts of Donna and all those who are passionate for this cause, smile.
I like to say "it's all about me" - but for once, it really would be about a lot more.

Fast forward to Monday, today, and my world felt like it was falling apart. Again. So tonight, I decided to hang out with Joel. When I really need a good talkin' to, Joel comes through. It's almost freaky how his Sunday sermons hit at just the right time. This Sunday's, watched a day late, was #627 It's a Simple Thing. Through my faith I believe that my dream will come to pass. This dream that will make me happy, bring so much help and hope to others and make Donna absolutely ecstatic! God can provide the water without rain. He's lined up the right events and the right people.

So I'm putting the cart before the horse. I'm having faith that the best horse will be provided to pull my cart to its destination. Love over Fear. Simple Things. My God.
Have faith in your dreams... He's got this!